A new Below Deck Mediterranean cast member was accused of drug use–and this time it was by a co-worker who was already fired. The Season 3 Below Deck yacht was called “Eros”, but charters under the name “Mustang Sally” in Sardinia and Ibiza. The Below Deck crew not only entertained the viewers, but they also had a lot of fun with the charter guests. Below Deck charter guest reaction after the episode is aired? It was much harder to hide from guests on the Sirocco. Of course. Below Deck fans and crew shaded a recent charter guest on the show when she refused to share a room with one of the other women in her group.. … On the latest episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, one of the brutish bros on board the boat decides to pick up second stew Madison to show off his biceps like a total jerk. Charter guests on 'Below Deck' are often in the cross hairs of the yacht crew for being demanding and rude. Pete Hunziker accused Malia White of … On the latest episode of Below Deck, bosun Ashton Pienaar punched a van window while taking out his frustration with Kate Chastain, and Decider got the cast's reaction … Kate controls the situation when a guest finds a hair in her lunch plate. I seem to remember a little bit from that penny stock douche but I would love to know what the current guests think of their portrayal. Jesse Biter reflects on ‘Below Deck’ appearance Share The Sarasota entrepreneur may have been painted as the villain in the Bravo TV show, but he insists reality TV isn’t necessarily real. Below Deck. RELATED: Below Deck Charter Guest Apologizes For Eating Sushi Off A Nude Model Later that night, the entire crew heads into Antigua for their night out on the town. As Season 8 returned to the TV screens, the viewers got a glimpse of how the team has to be on its toes to meet with the guests' expectations as their tip amount depends on it. Nevertheless, it is always the “drama” that makes the cut. While Shane Coopersmith was fired for being inept, Rachel Hargrove left the crew hanging after she decided to quit over an exhaustive preference sheet. This week 'Below Deck' saw two people leave My Seanna. Seeing what asshats are on the current episodes makes me wonder if there has been any reaction from guests after their charter airs.

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