Plant them at home or pick them up at the market to add a kick to your next hot sauce or chili. text in callout. 250-596-4484 Unit-159,1600 15th Ave Prince George ,V2L3X3 The plants are typically very productive and hardy. Let’s review your options, from mild to extra hot. Characteristics: Just a couple of inches long, with a tapered end, this small pepper … It comes from the mix of the Rio Grande 21 pepper, the New Mexico 6-4, and a Bulgarian paprika. If you’re looking into making your own hot sauce or adding some color to your meal, this is the place for you. Scoville Heat Units: 500-2,500 SHU Depending on the pepper, the end result may be a red or green chili powder that is mild, medium, hot or extra hot! They can be very hot, … The name translates into “English sweet pepper from Landes”. It has a rich smoky sweet flavor. Pasilla Chiles. They are mild, large and are heart-shaped. 99 ($0.94/Ounce) Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 21. Piquillo peppers are sweet chili peppers with no heat traditionally grown in Navarre, Spain, specifically from Lodosa. Hot Fact: This popular spice is used in chili powder. Hatch chile peppers are a generic name for New Mexican peppers that are grown and harvested in the Hatch Valley region, New Mexico. The fruit is about 4-1/2 inches long. Hot Fact: Bell peppers can also come in white, orange, or purple. The Padron pepper (Pimiento de Padrón) is a chili pepper about 3 inches in length originating from Padrón, Spain. The poblano is an extremely popular Mexican chili pepper. This pepper is known in Mexico as chile verde del norte, … Each trip, approximately 5000 seeds are sent along and are exposed to the zero gravity and cosmic radiation, then returned. The pods range from 5-7 inches long by 2.5-3.5 inches wide. The Gatherer’s Gold chili pepper is horn-shaped pepper that ripens to a beautiful orange-gold color. Scoville Heat Units: 0-1,000 SHU  Whether you are someone who enjoys extreme heat or simply appreciates peppery ... Also known as the yellow hot chile and the guero chile. From there the harvested peppers are processed, dried and ground into a powder. Hot Fact: The New Mex Big Jim Chile Pepper is one of the peppers grown in Hatch Valley. It is an Italian sweet pepper and ideal for frying, though it is also excellent roasted or raw. Flavor: Our hot pepper list breaks down the overall basic flavor of each chili pepper, using a common glossary of terms: sweet, fruity, citrusy, tropical, smoky, earthy, crisp, floral, nutty, bright, grassy, salty, peppery (as in black peppery), and tangy. It is originally from the Southwest corner of France called Landes. Scoville Heat Units: 0-1,000 SHU When shopping for poblanos are the grocery store, look for peppers with a … Hot Fact: Only South Africans refer to this pepper as a “peppadew.”. The Anaheim pepper is a mild, medium-sized chili pepper that grows to 6-10 inches in length. Capsicum Annuum. There is some confusion about the rocotillo chili pepper, since some appear to be from Capsicum baccatum and some from Capsicum Chinense. Learn more about them below. Capsicum Annuum. The Sonora is an Anaheim variety with a very mild flavor. Hot Fact: This is a hybrid pepper that was discovered by a University of New Mexico professor. Hot Fact: This pepper heavily populates Mexican food and ranks the spiciest on this list. Hot Fact: Bright and colorful, this pepper purely focuses on sweetness rather than the spice most peppers provide. Learn all about them. They range from 0 to 5,000 Scoville Heat Units. The chilaca pepper is a dark green, curvy, mildly hot pepper that is an important part of Mexican cuisine. Hot Fact: These peppers have a silky, sweet,and nutty flavor. The flavor profile is sweet and fruity. It is mildly hot, measuring up to 4,000 Scoville Heat Units.