She was given title Shah Begum(kings wife). But, it was his son Shah Jahan who thought and later acted upon in building a ‘Tomb befitting an Emperor’ in the honor of his beloved father. He certainly revolted against his father but it was more due to his intention to behave as an independent individual rather than the desire to capture the throne. Next in line was Umar Shaikh Mirza I but he too died. All previous children of the emperor having died in their infancy, ultimately, a son was born in August, 1569, and he was named Muhammad Saleem. On Jumada-l awwal 2, 1037 AH (December 30, 1627 [20] ), Shah Jahan was proclaimed as the emperor at Lahore. The historians call it as a venture of Shah Jahan but in reality, tomb was the vision of Nur Jahan, wife of Jahangir. The boy was brought up with all possible care and affection and when he grew up, arrangements were made for his education at the new capital, Fatehpur-Sikri. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan had 16 children, but many of them died in infancy. Nur-ud-din Muhammad Jahangir ("the World Seizer") was the son of Akbar the Great, ruler of the Mughal empire in northern India who had expanded the Mughal rule as far as Gujarat and Bengal. Rajkumari Man Bai - daughter of Bhagwan Das - mother of Khusrau and Sultan al nissa Feb 13th 1585. Pir Muhammad Mirza (c. 1374 – 22 February 1407) was a Timurid prince and briefly succeeded as King of Timurid Empire after the death of his grandfather Timur the Lame. Nur Jahan was born Mehr-un-Nissa, the daughter of a Grand Vizier (Minister) who served under Akbar.Nur Jahan, meaning 'Light of the World', was married at age 17 to a Persian soldier Sher Afgan, governor of Bihar, an important Mughal province.She was a married woman when Prince Salim (the future Emperor Jahangir), Akbar's eldest son, fell in love with her. Jahangir was the son of many prayers. Jahangir was a child of many prayers—the eldest son of Akbar, one of the most notable rulers in Islamic history, and his Rajput wife Jodh Bai. After the death of Jahangir in 1627, Khusrau's son, Prince Dawar was briefly made ruler of the Mughal Empire by Asaf Khan to secure the Mughal throne for Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan is in the first rank of Mughal rulers, he was a brave, intelligent, and a far-sighted leader. He is the son of Jahangir and grandson of Akbar. downs in … Jahangir was a fairly obedient son, a lovable father, a good relative and an affectionate friend. He was the son of Jahangir Mirza who was the actual successor to the throne but had died before his father. The mother of his 14 children was Mumtaz Mahal. Jahangir in his biography ‘ Tuzuk-i-Jahangir’ himself wrote about his influence, “I have sold my kingdom to my beloved queen for a cup of wine and a dish of soup.” Treaty with Mewar (1615): Jahangir and Rana Amar Singh, son of Rana Pratap saw several ups and. The list of Jehangir's 26 wives. She gave birth to Jehangir's eldest daughter Sultan al Nisa Banu and son Khusrau Mirza Rajkumari Ratan Bai daughter of Dhameri raja Basu on 28th May… Akbar wanted a heir to succeed him, he not only prayed to God but also begged of the blessings of saints to have a son. However, in Jahangir’s autobiography Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri, Anarkali finds no mention. Jahangir after his death was buried initially in the Dilkushan Garden. Jahangir possessed one more weakness. He was the declared successor to his father from an early age. He was easily influenced by his close relatives. At the time of Mumtaz's death eight children were alive. Neither does Akbar’s biography, Akbarnama , written by the court historian Abu Fazl , have any record of Anarkali, despite the fact that the relations between the father and son were at their lowest at that time.